Photograph Restoration

Our Service
We offer a professional scanning service to transfer your precious photographic memories into digital replicas. We us the latest in scanning equipment to achieve stunning results from your negatives or slides.

The process starts with a close inspection of your negatives / slides. We then take time prepare and clean the negatives / slides prior to scanning.

Each negative / slide is scanned at high resolution to ensure that no detail is lost. At this stage each slide represent a raw file which we then use to create final formats such as JPEGs.

After scanning the negative / slide we inspect each scan and perform colour grading to bring back the colour vibrancy and contrast levels. The result is a scan that truly represents the original.

Digital Ice Image Processing
Each slide is scanned using Digital Ice4 technology.

Digital ICE works by building a record of defects in the image during scanning. Scanners normally work with three input channels - red, green, and blue. Scanners equipped with Digital ICE add a fourth channel called the D channel (defect channel). During scanning information on defects, surface dirt, and scratches is collected. Digital ICE then applies a series of algorithms (formulas) to rebuild the missing information. The result is scans that are scratch free and dust free even if the original film has serious defects.

If you only have a photograph and no negatives or slides don't worry we can scan them also like negatives / slides. Also any damage to the photograph (within reason) we can restore, colour correct that represents the original.

Printing Service
We use a professional large format printer for printing in the Studio so any of your images can be produced to any size you wish. We can advise you what sizes best suit the image. We only use professional level photographic paper with our printer so the photographs are printed to gallery quality.